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Water management practices in most mines using pneumatic pumps sees the pumps running 24/7. In actual practice the majority of pumps only need to run a small percentage of the time. This wasteful practice can easily be overcome with the installation of a WATER MONITOR air operated float switch which will turn the pump on when required, reducing air consumption, maintenance, co₂ emissions and electricity costs.

The patented WATER MONITOR pneumatic float switch is wholly designed and manufactured in Australia to comply with stringent coal mining regulations. Four models are available, one is Fire Retarded with an Anti Static nylon (FRAS) rear housing, another is the standard Polypropylene model with an anti static rear housing to provide continuity to FRAS hoses required in coal mines. The third is a yellow nylon model with improved porting for higher CFM where required. The fourth is the Water Hole Monitor made from polypropylene with an anti static rear housing designed for shallow nuisance water holes with tolerance to flowing water and turbulence.

They can also be purchased set up in a pipe for ease of installation in boreholes.

Hundreds of WATER MONITORS in Australia and overseas are in service giving huge savings.

One particular mine after installing WATER MONITORS noted that a particular pump had dropped from 24/7 operation to 25 minutes a day.

Many WATER MONITORS have gone into industrial situations such as waste water sumps. Another use where spillage was a problem the WATER MONITOR was modified and turned upside down and mounted on the tank so as to turn the pump off when the tank was full.

Possible Savings by using a monitor float switch

Note the graph to the Right shows projected savings over a 12 month period when a water monitor float switch is used, resulting in a 60% reduction in pump running time.

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